With hundreds of projects under my belt and a long list of happy customers who love their beautiful homes, I know you are going to love the Home Renovation School. But, for whatever reason, if you begin the school and don’t feel like you are one step closer to designing, renovating, flipping, or building your dream home, simply send us an email requesting a refund to [email protected] within 14 days of joining.

It’s my mission to continue to spread happiness. So if you are not happy, I am committed to issuing you a refund for every dollar of your initial membership or annual payment with no questions asked provided you have not already accessed all of the schools course material or downloaded any of its copyrighted materials. Please refer to our terms of service.

After 14 days, you can still cancel anytime (as you normally would), just without a refund of any payments previously made.

See you inside Home Renovation School!

Julee XO

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