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In Home Renovation School, DIY expert and interior design architect Julee Ireland reveals the exact process she uses with her own firm to create beautiful, swoon-worthy spaces across the country. You’ll save time, money, and tons of frustration while creating the home of your dreams.

“I am amazed at Julee’s depth of knowledge.
I have never met a more talented interior designer.”
-Christie Funk

Atlanta Georgia



I’m Julee Ireland and together, we’re going to create the home of your dreams! I’m a Los Angeles & Houston-based real estate investor, interior design architect, DIY expert, TV host, and award-winning author.

I am NOT your typical designer. Why? Because I LOVE to get my hands dirty! In fact, demo day is my favorite day when I’m renovating a home or taking apart something old to make it new again.

While other designers focus on just the finishing touches, I dig deep to make sure you learn everything you actually need to know to get those high-end, luxury looks you’re after (and how to get them for DIY prices).

As a designer and builder, it’s my job to teach you about all aspects of the building process – from architecture to interior design, framing to plumbing, electrical, lighting, …and every last detail in between.

Home Renovation School gives you full access to everything I’ve learned while designing, building, flipping, and renovating over 1,000 homes across the United States—from custom-built houses to full-scale renovations—working with some of the largest residential home builders in America.

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You might know what you want your dream home to look like, but you don’t know how to get it. Or maybe you think you’ll never be able to spend the time or money it’ll take to get it. The easiest thing to do is to keep dreaming instead of taking that first step.

But the truth is, you can build your dream home – with less money, time, and stress than you think.


  • Feel like you don’t have the time to build,
  • Have ideas but don’t know where to start,
  • Get lots of opinions but don’t know who to listen to,
  • Are you scared you’ll make a mistake and not know how to fix it, or
  • Think you can’t afford the luxurious looks you want

…then you’re in the right place because Home Renovation School was designed just for you.


In Home Renovation School, Julee Ireland walks you through every aspect of the design process.  Whether you’re building new or making an existing space more you, this course has you covered with lessons, plans, guides, and cheat sheets galore.

From acquisition to construction, and everything in between, Julee Ireland shares the step-by-step processes she uses with her firm to design, build, and renovate spaces – big and small – making dreams come true across the United States.



Access to 10 full course modules (+2 bonus modules!), 20+ easy-to-follow, bite-sized video lessons, 30+ downloadable reference guides, cheat sheets, and more, including the nitty-gritty details on:




$77/mo OR $737/year  $57/mo OR $497/year (save 27%) 


“Julee was by my side in every decision and every step of the way -- from construction and architecture to flooring, appliances, plumbing, windows, and paint selections. Her knowledge, guidance, support, and sheer design talent are second to none.” 

-Michelle Spolver
San Carlos, CA


Are you ready to design the home of your dreams?

Home Renovation School will give you the knowledge (and the construction language) you need to get your project done exactly the way you want—on time and on budget.

 Do you want to…

Fall in love with your space every time you walk into it?

Create a home the entire neighborhood wants to gather in?

Understand which materials are best for you and your family (and why)?

Know where (and how) to buy top-quality materials at DIY prices?

Learn the top money- and time-saving tricks pro designers use?

Here’s what’s inside Home Renovation School

Module 1: Planning Your Dream Home Project

  • Architectural Design & Blue Prints
  • Floor Plans
  • Construction Wish List
  • Trade Licenses & Permits


Module 2: Budgeting, Timelines & Project Management

  • Vision Wish List
  • Managing a Budget
  • Construction Timeline
  • Project Management


Module 3: Finding the Right Construction Team

  • How to Assemble Your Crew
  • Hiring Your General Contractor
  • Hiring Your Sub Contractors
  • Trade Quotes 

Module 4: Understanding Materials & Pricing

  • Materials and Where to Use Them
  • Pros & Cons of Different Materials
  • All You Need to Know About Vinyl, Wood, Tile, & Stone
  • Carpet Low Down
  • Countertop Materials
  • Minimizing Material Costs


Module 5: Bringing Your Vision Boards & Dream Interiors to Life

  • “5 Steps” to Designing Your Dream Home
  • Vision Mood Board Process
  • Define Your Design Style
  • Creating Focal Points
  • Money-Saving Tips
  • Paint, Color & More!

Module 6: Diving Deep into Details

  • Lighting & Lamp Basics
  • Selecting Hardware
  • Mirrors & Accessories
  • High-End Trim Finishes for Less
  • Tips & Tricks of the Trade


Module 7: Designing a Swoon-Worthy Kitchen

  • Open Concept Kitchen & Dining Floor Plans
  • How to Create The Perfect Kitchen Layout
  • Multi-Purpose Kitchen Design
  • Kitchen Islands
  • Cabinet Styles & Design


Module 8: Mastering Beds, Baths, and Closets

  • Primary Bedroom Design & Layout
  • Primary Bath Design & Layout
  • All the Plumbing Basics
  • Bath Design Finishes
  • Closet Design & Layout

Module 9: Loving Your Laundry Room and Pantry

  • Planning Pantry Layout & Design
  • Creating Zones for Your Pantry
  • Pantry Finishes
  • Laundry Room Layout & Design
  • Laundry Room Finishes
  • Space Saving Tips

Module 10: Making Your Garage Gorgeous

  • Gorgeous Garage Design
  • Adding Additional Revenue Streams
  • Multi-Use Garage Spaces
  • Creative Ways to Stay Organized
  • Garage Finishes

BONUS Module 1: Creating Curb Appeal

  • Landscape Design & Plans
  • Creating Zones for Plants
  • Cost-Effective Landscape Materials

BONUS Module 2: Adding Square Footage & Increasing Value

  • How to Add Square Footage and Increase the Value of Your Property
  • Creative Use of Space
  • Ideas to Find Space and Use it!


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$77/mo $57/mo

14 Day Money-Back Guarantee

  • Full Planning Module
  • Budgeting, Timing, and Managing Your Project
  • Construction
  • Creating Your Vision
  • Picking Out the Details
  • Kitchen Design
  • Primary Bedroom Design
  • Laundry Room Design
  • Garage Design
  • Curb Appeal
  • Bath Design
  • Materials 
  • Money-Saving Pro Tips

SPECIAL PRE-ORDER PRICING!!! Home Renovation School Annual Pass


$737/yr $497/yr

14 Day Money-Back Guarantee

  • Full Planning Module
  • Budgeting, Timing, and Managing Your Project
  • Construction
  • Creating Your Vision
  • Picking Out the Details
  • Kitchen Design
  • Primary Bedroom Design
  • Laundry Room Design
  • Garage Design
  • Curb Appeal
  • Bath Design
  • Materials 
  • Money-Saving Pro Tips

P.S. In case you’re wondering how the 14-day refund policy works…

With over 1,000 projects under my belt and a long list of happy customers who love their beautiful homes, I know you are going to love the Home Renovation School. But, for whatever reason, if you don’t feel like you are one step closer to designing, renovating, flipping, or building your dream home, simply send us an email requesting a refund to [email protected] within 14 days of joining (or the school launch date of January 1, 2022 – if you are pre-ordering).

It’s my mission to continue to spread happiness. So if you are not happy, I am committed to issuing you a refund for every dollar of your initial membership or annual payment with no questions asked.

After 14 days, you can still cancel anytime (as you normally would), just without a refund of any payments previously made.

See you inside Home Renovation School!